Playing in Leaves {Ordinary Moments 8/10/17}

Life has been so busy the past few weeks I’ve struggled to have time out and record our ordinary moments. The past week has seen 2 conferences, training, birthday parties and an off colour J to start it off. That naturally slowed our evenings and weekends down but our little tornado of energy returned towards the end of this week and so we set off on Thursday to stretch our legs and play in the fallen leaves

We’re a house of walkers (not in the zombie sense!) and if we spend more than a day indoors (me especially) we get a little stir crazy. Autumn is my absolute favourite time to walk – less people, more colours and lots of things to do, see and collect. My camera bag came back full of chestnuts, different coloured leaves and the last of the conkers on our little adventure

Playing and walking in the leaves in autumn is something that takes me back to my childhood every time and I’m glad I have a mini me to do it with.


The Ordinary Moments

Country Kids 

20 thoughts on “Playing in Leaves {Ordinary Moments 8/10/17}

  1. Dean B

    That’s definitely one of our favourite things to do in autumn, but sadly the weather has been really bad down here in Cornwall so the leaves in the garden are all wet and mucky 😦 Hopefully it will dry soon, but somehow I doubt that. Lovely photos 🙂 #countrykids


  2. Coombe Mill

    So this is where all those lovely Instagram photos have come from this week! Like you I can never do a whole day indoors, there is something about fresh air and fallen leaves that just draws me out. So much more fun with a little person to enjoy it all with. Gorgeous photos and ordinary moments worthy of capturing, they turn into the special moments when you look back.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #Countrykids


  3. Four Acorns

    Beautiful photos, she looks like she’s having so much fun! You’re right about seeing fewer people out in autumn. Only this morning I was chatting to a mum I know about a woodland we often go to, and she concluded with ‘something to keep in mind for next summer’!


  4. mommamack15

    I love the sound of crunchy autumn leaves, looks like you had a lot of fun and there are some beautiful photos. We did a similar autumn walk this weekend after a busy week, good to get out in the fresh air #countrykids


  5. Donna

    It’s been so busy hasn’t it!? I haven’t known whether I’m coming or going over the last few weeks. But, it’s so nice to do simple things like this – kids just love kicking up leaves! x

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