Autumn Fun {Living Arrows 9/10/17}

Finally feeling back on form (and becoming a whirlwind of energy in the house!) this one and I went out for a walk on Thursday evening. It was one of those typically beautiful autumnal days, with crisp skies, warm sun and vivid colours

We must have spent a good hour playing in the leaves, and running around collecting chestnuts and the last remaining conkers, leaving just before sunset. We then spent quite a while throwing leaves at each other – something which she has since done on every walk we’ve been on.ย It’s days and evenings like these I remember from my childhood, and I hope that J will remember these days too.

Living Arrows


14 thoughts on “Autumn Fun {Living Arrows 9/10/17}

  1. Hannah

    I absolutely love your photos Sherry, they are always gorgeous! I love how the pink in J’s cheeks matches her outfit. If I had to pick a photo to symbolise autumn, I think it would have to be this one!


  2. angiemwebster77

    I’ve no doubts she will remember, I love making memories like these with my children too. J looks so pleased with her pile of leaves, this is simply the best time of the year isn’t it. Have a lovely week x


  3. Emma T

    Playing with leaves are the best. Lovely photo of J. I remember going o Virginia Water in autumn when I was a child. I even chose to take friends there for a birthday treat some years! #livingarrrows


  4. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons

    That’s such a gorgeous autumn photo – she looks like she’s having the most wonderful time! I love autumn too, although we’ve not thrown leaves with Max yet (it’s always struck me before as something that he’d hate, but he’s becoming so much more adventurous lately, it might be time to try!) #livingarrows


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