Autumn Bucket List – October Update

I set us an autumn bucket list a few weeks ago as with J starting school I knew someone the things we would have done previously on a Wednesday we may struggle with. Here’s how we’re getting on:

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So far we have achieved quite a lot on the bucket list. We managed to successfully remember to collect conkers before they all disappeared and I ordered 120 photos for the photo album. My plan to have quarterly photo prints hasn’t worked out and so looking back at our holiday in March was lovely, even though it feels like a distant memory

J and her nanny made a scarecrow ready for the scarecrow festival in a few weeks while the hubster and I had a child free weekend, J really misses her Thursdays with her nanny and they both had a great weekend

We’ve also had lots of fun playing in the leaves the past week after J started the month slightly off colour. The corn on the cob is lasting well into October so we also went and picked those, but not before J saw pumpkins and begged us to pick some. I think it made her day – she was so excited! Technically we carved the pumpkin but I want to save that for half term – we have lots of activities planned

It’s been a great start to autumn so far, here are a few of the pictures of our adventures.





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