Sunday Staccups

One of the things we’ve tried to do since J started school is have a family day on Sunday which usually involves activities at home together after a nice dog walk. Whether it’s crafting, baking, watching a film or playing a game, the focus is for us to spend quality time together before the routines of work and school start again

This week we opted for board games at the kitchen table. Having played Staccups at BlogOnXmas (and failing miserably against my opponent) I wondered how I’d fare against my family

First up was the hubster and J. After unpacking the items and putting the lids on the cups I explained the rules to them both. J’s nearly 5 and is a few years under the recommended age but she picked it up really quickly, flooring the hubster while he got the hang of it during the first couple of rounds

The hubster and I then played each other. We’re a family of competitive people and none of us like losing – in fact there were quite a few moments of attempted sabotage to try and win (mostly by J who liked to hover her hand over her chosen stack), and the hubster and I became increasingly competitive as the games and afternoon went on

Before we started playing the hubster didn’t quite know what to expect, but has since talked about it to his colleagues and friends (he’s planning on taking it to work when he’s had a bit more practice to ensure he has a better chance of winning – competitive as always!)

It’s such an addictive game that we were sat there for well over an hour taking it in turns, it even kept J’s attention which is impressive. I suspect it’ll become a regular on our board game afternoons, it’s so quick and easy to put out and away, and the hubster and J were playing it when I arrived home from work this week which is a sign it’s well liked.

Disclosure – we were sent Staccups for an honest review, all words and opinions are my own

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