My Weekly List {13/10/17}

I’m really enjoying writing my weekly list and looking back over the week that went by. The weeks seem to be passing by so very quickly and I cannot believe that J will soon be on half term. We have some special things planned and I’m glad we get to have some quality time together as a family unit. Here are the things I’ve loved this week:

  • The hubster surprised me with a monitor as I’ve been struggling with the laptop and I’m so grateful. We need to upgrade the RAM as some of my applications are heavy users, but I love being able to see my photos on a bigger screen
  • Walking with my cousin and her family on Sunday. I see her every day at work and she’s one of my best friends, but our daughters absolutely adore each other and every few months we make a morning of it on a forest walk
  • Pushing myself outside of my comfort zone this week. I’ll talk about what I did when I’m ready to in a few weeks, but it was something I’m not confident in doing, and it was nice to be able to come out the other side
  • Seeing J write ‘happy’ in her homework book. I like being able to work with her in the evenings, and she’s coming on so far
  • Having a mummy-daughter shopping day on Saturday. I had been promising J I’d take her shopping and we set off on the bus (!) and I let her loose in Primark. I give her credit, the girl already has some shopping stamina, and 2 hours and £48 later we left – I was a broken woman but pleased she was happy and had a great adventure!
  • Collecting Autumnal treasures with J has been a real treat. On more than one occasion my camera bag has returned with leaves, conkers and chestnuts, and I couldn’t be happier


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