A Pumpkin Festival and a Scarecrow Called J

For the last 3 years we have visited a Pumpkin Festival in the south. Every year J makes a scarecrow with her Nanny Sharon, every year she names it after herself, and every year she tentatively places it in the scarecrow alley ready for it to head to it’s next home. After she got upset about having to leave her scarecrow I convinced her it’s destiny was to be in a farmers field to scare the crows, and until then it needed to be with it’s other scarecrow friends at the festival “scarecrow alley”. It’s funny how the small things make for the big discussions in this household!

This year my mum couldn’t make it but the hubsters mum came along and for once we didn’t have to wear coats as it was so warm! Having been for the last 3 years we have our little traditions – visiting the pumpkin curry stall, letting J make a candle, letting her try the police uniforms on, watching her have a play in the scrap store tent, and having a bounce on one of the many overpriced children’s rides. It’s one of those days that if you get there early it’s not that busy, but later on there’s so many people there although no matter how busy, it’s still a great day


Festivals of any sort aren’t really the hubsters cup of tea, and as we were driving in he said it’s probably the last year he’ll do it, but I reminded him that she’s only likely to want to make a scarecrow another 4 or 5 times, and that we’re already halfway to the end of the part of her life where she’ll be excited about things like this. I’m hopeful it has encouraged him to come again next year!

We didn’t stay as long as we normally would as we had other plans later on, but it was another one of those little traditions I love doing with my family, and another one of those autumnal days I hope J remembers when she’s grown up.


Country Kids 

7 thoughts on “A Pumpkin Festival and a Scarecrow Called J

  1. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    What a wonderful tradition. J looks like she had a wonderful time and I love the scarecrow she made. We went to a farm to make a scarecrow with the girls last year and they loved it. Definitely worth making the most of days like these while they’re still young enough to enjoy them 🙂 #countrykids


  2. Coombe Mill

    I love your logic for persuading Hubster to come again next year and you are so right. Days like this pass all to quickly then you look back and wish they still wanted to do these things with you. Sounds like this is way more than just a field of pumpkins with plenty of family fun, even though you didn’t stay that long it sounds like you managed to do all the traditional things together including a wonderful looking scarecrow.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids


  3. mudpiefridays

    This is a brilliant tradition and a bit more than going pumpkin picking! We are down south so I will have to see how local this is to us. You are right my Hubby’s the same but I don’t want him to miss out and look back and regret it! #CountryKids


  4. twotinyhands

    Awww what a good tradition! Love that she calls her scarecrow J every year! Hope you can manage to entice your hubster out for many more years to come!! Life is too short to not enjoy it with your family!! #countrykids


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