Family Forest Trips

Every 3 or 4 months my cousin and I arrange for a woodland walk with our daughters. We see each other every day at work but not as frequently with our girls outside of work, so when we do it’s really nice to see them both together. They already count each other as best friends and when they’re out together they’re as thick as thieves and we generally don’t get a look in

Our hubbies joined us for the walk for quite possibly the first time since we’ve had this little tradition. We don’t go at a fast pace, choosing to chat and let the girls do their thing. They often stop and collect leaves, chestnuts or other woodland treasure, spending the time talking and helping each other, and it was so funny seeing the men get frustrated at the slow pace my cousin and I are used to, watching them walking on and catching up while we stayed behind with them

This time there were chestnuts everywhere and thankfully I had come prepared with bags for them both – saving both my pockets and camera bag. I stood there with them  collecting chestnuts and watching them fill their bags, while the men grew impatient that we hadn’t moved anywhere fast and my cousin laughed and looked on. Our little woodland adventures together aren’t about getting a stomp on, it’s about letting them interact and create memories, and they had such a great time. I feel as though our stomping days are behind us until J’s legs are a bit longer!

The walk this time round  we chose to go by the river which added an extra half a mile but the girls did fab even though they were lagging by the end of it, and we captured our monthly family portrait by the water. I love our little tradition, especially in autumn when the trees are full of beautiful colours and there are leaves on the ground to walk through, kick and throw.




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