Things to do in Autumn

I often get asked why I love Autumn so much – there is no denying it’s my favourite season. I write this as I’m sat in a warm, cosy knit, and it just makes me smile. The heating is on, the house is toasty, and I although the hubster’s in shorts and t-shirt (polar opposite to me) I couldn’t be happier. There’s something about being snug and content in your own surroundings and thinking of new activities and things to do in this beautiful season

Here are some of my favourite things to do in Autumn:

  • Go for a walk and play in the park

It is the best time of year. Yes there’s the obvious less people out and about, but there’s colours everywhere, and everyone genuinely seems much happier as you walk past them – there’s no grumpy children who are hot and overtired from late nights, no miserable parents wondering why the weather keeps changing, and no stressed out dog owners worrying about their dog ruining people’s picnics (I’m said dog owner!)


  • Collect Autumnal Treasures 

Whether it’s conkers, chestnuts, fallen leaves, or something entirely different, my girl loves heading out in the autumn season with a bag to collect from the great outdoors and bring home. My kitchen table is full of conkers, acorns and other contents from our adventures and although it drives the hubster mad, we’ve had a great time making memories when out and about with them


  • Don woolly hats

My cousin commented on J’s hats and said she absolutely loves them and that she struggles to find ones for her daughter. I’ll let you all into a secret – J wears hats from the grown up section of Primark (it’s by far the best place to get reasonably priced hats for my girl, and they hold her whole head of hair in!) Nothing quite screams autumn to me more than a wooly hat, jumper, body warmer and wellies


  • Make ‘The Best Hot Chocolate In The World!’

– The exact words said by my daughter. She stands there watching in eager anticipation as we put together her hot chocolate, and is always desperate for mini marshmallows in it, next to it, on it, just everywhere really! She is also a huge fan of the squirty cream and literally begs us to spray it in her mouth. Many people will look down on me for that, but I remember doing it as a kid, and so my child will too when she’s an adult!

  • Do Leaf Crafts

Who else remembers collecting loads of leaves and rubbing crayons over paper with them underneath? Something so simple that we all probably did as children is something our children would love to do too. It’s on my list for this season and we’ll be heading out this weekend on a leaf collection walk for the same reason


  • Go to a Pumpkin Patch

Every year since J has been walking we have been pumpkin picking. Admittedly the first year she chose the biggest one there and I had to carry it to the car without a wheelbarrow, but it’s a little tradition my girl and I love to do every year. We actually  selected our first pumpkin in September as she was so excited when she saw the fields of orange as we were heading for sweetcorn. J is so happy when she sees the ‘right’ pumpkin, and I believe it’s important to show her that pumpkins and other vegetables and fruit don’t just come from shops.


  • Have a Car Picnic

A nice autumnal dog walk is often followed by hot drinks and sandwiches in the car. If you ask J what type of picnic she wants, she’ll say ‘car picnic!’ as it’s a firm favourite of hers. I always make a point of moving to the back of the car to sit with her while the hubster sits in first class in the front, and it’s a real treat at the end of a nice walk

  • Go and visit somewhere that would ordinarily be ‘boring’ in other seasons

For us, this is the ‘Tunnel of Trees’ which is located near Chichester. We visited last autumn and were literally blown away with it and the beauty of the colours and the trees arched over. We visited again in May and while it was still pretty it just didn’t have that ‘wow’ factor for us. We’ll be back again this autumn


Have I missed anything? What would you add?

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3 thoughts on “Things to do in Autumn

  1. Fridgesays

    #thesatsesh Love those last few pics – amazing. You have such a talent for photography and it would seem the niche skill of buying hats for thick haired kids (love the tip)….I would add dog walks and I adore the beach in Autumn, its the only time a pebble beach wins x


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