Fields Lined With Orange

Every year since J has been walking we have been pumpkin picking. This year was no different, although we went armed with a wheelbarrow as I’ve learnt from previous years J likes to pick the biggest one she can find!

It seems that everyone else has caught wind of the pumpkin picking theme, and when J, me and my mother-in-law arrived late on Sunday afternoon there were masses of people throughout the fields. There were still lots of pumpkins but sadly the biggest and best ones had gone, and I’m glad we got there mid October as opposed to the end of October – I think I would have had a very sad child on my hands!

I make no secret of the fact I love Pick Your Own. We go throughout the year, and if I had a garden big enough or even vaguely suitable I’d grown my own fruit and veg – there’s nothing quite like the taste of freshly picked home grown fruit and vegetables. J’s absolute favourites are podded peas and sweetcorn, but this week the focus was on the big round orange pumpkins that had lined the fields

I love walking up to the fields in anticipation, wondering what we’ll see and what we’ll come back with. As it turns out, we can home with 3 medium sized pumpkins and several miniature ones, much to the shock (and subsequent moaning) of the hubster! I love our little tradition.



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