My Weekly List {20/10/17}

I’m really enjoying recording my weekly favourites and can’t believe I’m on week 5 already – the weeks are flying by! The next week sees J finish her first half term at school and I’m looking forward to some quality mummy daughter and family time over half term:

  • J had her first school disco and was very excited about it. We spent Friday evening getting her ready and I loved watching her get excited as the time went on
  • Taking a leap into the unknown. I spoke last week about taking myself out of my comfort zone, well that has led to the leap into the unknown. I can’t talk about it just yet (in a few weeks I will!) but the unknown scares me, I like being comfortable, but I felt a weight lift off my shoulders upon deciding to take said leap
  • Buying a pumpkin face piñata. It’s locked in my bedroom for Halloween but I was so excited upon making the purchase, even if the hubster rolled his eyes at me
  • Talking of pumpkins, I really enjoyed pumpkin picking with J and my mother in law. There was a wave of golden sun after a rainy day and it was a great end to the day
  • Playing Staccups with the hubster, J and my mother in law has also been good fun. We were gifted it but it’s been played most evenings by my competitive household
  • Making chocolate candy apples with J one evening after school. They may not be Instagram perfect, but it was a quick and easy activity to do together


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