Your First Half Term {Ordinary Moments 22/10/17}

Dear J

6 weeks ago you started school and it still feels like yesterday, yet here we are sat in the first school holidays – it’s gone by in a flash. Everyone always says it’s the parents who struggle the most, especially with their emotions and they weren’t wrong as it’s been an emotional few weeks

We wondered how you would handle school after your nursery years, especially as when you found out you had two go to school every day we went to work. You even asked us if you got paid too which made us laugh a lot – but you’ve handled it like a pro and we honestly couldn’t be prouder

After the excitement of the first week you had some wobbles at the school door in the second week, with me having to practically force you in. I needn’t have worried as every day you came running out with so much pride and joy in your face – I think the realisation that you were in your school years finally hit you!

You’ve come home every night and taught us your phonemes and digraphs which has been great fun and a learning experience for us as it was never something we did when we were at school. Most nights you’ll pull your words out of your school bag and ‘teach’ us them. You have a real zest for learning already and are a real sponge, we’re looking forward to your first parents evening to find out more

Each time you get an award you come running out the gates or class full of excitement and full of pride; so far you’ve had 2 star awards for sounds and writing, a headteachers award for being independent and respectful, and a values award for being thoughtful. All qualities we see so often but it’s really rewarding to see other people recognising them too

I remember you getting quite upset in your first couple of weeks as you desperately wanted a star award, but I reminded you that there were a lot of children in your class. Everyone needs a turn, and as long as you don’t end up on the naughty spots, that’s the important thing

You also had your first school disco! My goodness you were so excited, planning your outfit and getting ready in the evening before running to meet your friends at school. It was adorable watching you, and I’m glad you had a great evening

You’ve grown up so much the last few weeks and it’s gone by in such a blur that all I can say is I’m proud of you and what you’ve achieved, and being able to record it here makes me reflect and have something to look back on. I love hearing about the little snippets of your day – even if it is often just about what you had for lunch!

When you told me you were sad to be on school holidays and not at school I laughed and realised we were right to send you to the school with the coloured jumper you wanted


Here’s to another great half term after a week of adventures

Lots of Love

Mummy xxx

The Ordinary Moments


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