The Best Mummy in the World {Living Arrows 23/10/17}

We were driving to swimming lessons last week and out of nowhere this girl declared to me that I was “the best mummy in the world”. I naturally asked her why and she simply said “because you do everything that a good mummy should, and I love you”

A simple few sentences said by my 4 year old while on a car journey, but words that made me sit back and think that although I don’t always do it right, I always try so very hard, and that it doesn’t go unnoticed by my little girl.


Living Arrows


7 thoughts on “The Best Mummy in the World {Living Arrows 23/10/17}

  1. angiemwebster77

    That’s absolutely lovely Sherry, what a sweet little girl you have. It’s those little moments that get us parents through the tough times isn’t it. Have a lovely week x


  2. Helen Costello

    Isn’t it the best feeling in the world when they just spit it out how much they love you? My youngest is a proper softie for telling me that she loves me sooo much – Long may it last through the teenage years! #LivingArrows


  3. Donna

    Oh she is so lovely. It’s so nice when they think we’re the best because that’s how they think or feel, nothing specific or because of anything material. She sounds like such a sweet natured little girl – I think her and my Athena would get on really well x


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