An Autumn Break in a Camping Pod

I’m the one who is always planning our next big adventure and more often than not the hubster goes along with it, so when I told him in September that I’d booked a weekend away in a camping pod in the middle of October he looked at me like I was a mad woman…who goes camping in October? This family does!

We arrived late Friday night to rain and wind as Storm Brian was approaching, and as we entered the camping pod the hubster gave me the same look as he did when I originally told him about it. Yes it was snug, but the reason I’d booked it was to strip it all back and be a family, away from the normal day to day madness and schedules, and to give J a few days away from routines and school runs

We didn’t stay in the pod long as we wanted to see the site’s entertainment. Having never been on holiday with J to somewhere that had evening entertainment we didn’t quite know what to expect from her over the weekend, but both nights she got up and danced and danced, and then sat in awe for the performances

We woke on Saturday to gloomy, stormy skies, followed swiftly by glorious sun, and it seemed to be the theme for the day as the weather kept changing. We decided to walk the grounds and see what it had to offer, stopping at the park to play (the hubster and J…), catching leaves as they blew from the trees, and running down hills. I hand it to them, Sandy Balls has some beautiful grounds and we barely saw half of it



Sunday we decided to explore the grounds again as it was just the most beautiful weather. You know that crisp, autumn sun we always look for in October? This time we opted for a walk to the river. We again played in the leaves, ran down hills and I spent much of the walk  laughing at the hubster who once again had forgotten his walking shoes and had soggy and dirty trainers after the previous day’s rain

The walk along the river was a bit boggy due to rain and footfall but didn’t deter us, in fact it caused more laughs as the hubster tried to skip across it. J stopped at every ledge and threw leaves in ‘to feed the ducks’ and we generally had a lovely walk, It really is the best time of year to explore




The camping pod allowed us to bond and play as a family, we played several games, curled up in our sleeping bags and duvets and watched tv, and just naturally felt closer. the hubster hit his head on the door a few times and actually cut it open, so it’s perhaps a bit awkward for anyone over 6ft but he said he’d definitely stay in it again. The radiator they provided us with also helped a lot in the evening and morning when it was cooler!

We finished the break sat on our chairs on the porch eating home made s’mores and toasted marshmallows. I know we’ll be spending much of next summer doing similar and it was nice to sit and stop, and watch the world go by



We definitely didn’t see all that Sandy Balls had to offer us, in fact we’re hoping to go again next year or the one after. We didn’t use the swimming pool, we want to walk with the alpacas and to do some of the activities they offer. This weekend was all about resetting and our 2 nights in our camping pod allowed us to do it

Here are a few of my favourite photos from the weekend, including a family photo that saw us running back and forth and the hubster jumping onto the tree to sit with us. I’m so glad we’ve made a family photo and had some wonderful adventures every month.


Note – this was paid for by me and in no way supported or sponsored, we just loved our break away


Country Kids

9 thoughts on “An Autumn Break in a Camping Pod

  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill)

    What a truly beautiful escape for the three of you, the back to basics promise of this holiday sounds truly ideal. The grounds look beautiful, I can see why you simply explored those the whole time you were visiting. J looks so pleased to spending quality time with you both, certainly a great way to relax as a family.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.


  2. mammasschool

    This is a beautiful place to stay it looks like and a pod is always something I have fancied. Hoping one day to be able to try one! #countrykids


  3. Four Acorns

    As we are just back from our first tipi camping experience, I’m glad ours is not the only family going camping in cold weather! Sandy Balls looks amazing and it sounds like you had the best family time, I love this kind of adventures when you unplug and reconnect as a family. Beautiful photos too, I especially like the one of your husband and daughter sitting on a bench together.


  4. dearmummyblog

    We’d love to stay in a CampingPod and there nothing wrong with camping in October 🙂 Glad to see Storm Brian didn’t put you off and you certainly enjoyed the better days x Popping over from #CountryKids x


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