Wooly Hats, Welly Boots and Sunny Autumn Skies

Oh autumn you’re beautiful, you bring the most striking sunsets and gorgeous skies, and I’m totally and utterly in love with you. If only you’d last longer, continue to provide us colourful scenes and ensure the grey skies stay away, that would be just perfect

Although it’s not been as sunny as last year my photos are still full of the beauty that lies within my favourite month in the calendar. Last weekend the sun decided to come out in amongst the storms and surprise us, giving the most striking scenes and colours, and the weekend before was just the same. In fact every weekend this month has shown us the beauty of this season and the mixture of emotions in the skies – one minute cloudy, the next stormy, and the next a crisp, clear blue

The sun often chooses the most appropriate time to stream through the trees to light a carpet of leaves and the wind has often found the perfect time to blow leaves off the trees and encourage an autumnal game of catch

People have already started talking about winter being upon us since the clocks changed and it frustrates me as it’s not until mid December – it’s harsher and crisper than this beautiful season we’re in. We’ve had the introduction of wooly hats, welly boots and those beautiful sunny autumn skies, and while the clocks have gone back and much of my day outside of work is in darkness, I still love this time of year.







Mission Mindfulness


4 thoughts on “Wooly Hats, Welly Boots and Sunny Autumn Skies

  1. Hayley @Mission: Mindfulness

    Beautiful photos – I always think how lovley your IG gallery is too! I love Sept and October but am guilty of being very dismissive of November as ‘wintery’ even though technically it’s not so I’ve made a consicus effort this year to still see the beauty of autumn in this month. This is a lovely post xx #thesatsesh xx


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