An Autumn Sunset {Living Arrows 30/10/17}

It seemed fitting that for the last Sunday of October and the day the clocks went back that we watched the sunset. We spent the morning doing chores and grown up things like going to the shop, forgetting how early it gets dark now and ended up being at the beach for the sunset before the drive home

It’s been a brilliant half term, we’ve had a mixture of days together, days away and days at activity sessions. J also had Thursday with her nanny for the first time since September, and it was a much needed week off for her (and us!)

I look at this photo, and I love it, but it made me realise that in exactly one month’s time I will be mum to a 5 year old. This photo sums up just how much she’s grown up and I love the sun against her in it

5 thoughts on “An Autumn Sunset {Living Arrows 30/10/17}

  1. katykicker

    The time flies by doesn’t it. My eldest niece is 21 now and that makes me feel SO old as I remember sitting next to her on the way home from the hospital.


  2. angiemwebster77

    It sounds like you have had the perfect half-term break. J looks so beautiful in this photo, you capture such lovely shots x #LivingArrows


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