My Thoughts on a Month of Daily Blogging

It’s the 30th October and tomorrow’s post is scheduled. As it’s our monthly family portrait project post and is a round up of the month that was, I wanted to write my review of Blogtober here today

I started the month wondering how I would succeed, and if I’m to be honest I finish the month wondering how I succeeded! When I set my mind to something I stick to it, and I’m glad I decided to take on the challenge of daily blogging. While I enjoyed it, I don’t think I’ll be continuing the theme throughout November. Here’s what I loved and didn’t love as much about it:


  • I enjoyed putting a creative hat on. I get wrapped up in recording my weekly and monthly ‘usuals’ – my Ordinary Moments, Weekly lists, Me and Mine, that when I realised they wouldn’t fill a month I had to look outside the box
  • Taking more photos and spending more time reviewing them
  • Learning how to use CanvaΒ to make some backdrops
  • Looking at Pinterest for inspiration. I don’t use Pinterest that often but I started to in October and have a real love for it
  • Stumbling upon Bloglovin thanks to Donna at whattheredheadsaid. All of my favourite blogs are now in one place and I don’t know how I got by without it
  • I loved doing a recipe with J, feeling focused with our bucket list, and looking back at my autumn photos from last year and the one before

Didn’t love:

  • Feeling ‘obliged’ to write every day. Some days I didn’t want to, some days I struggled, and some days I needed inspiration (see Pinterest comment above…)
  • The tiredness. While I tried my hardest to schedule posts on a Wednesday, I often use that day as my catch up day for everything else. This meant that I spent lots of evenings writing and working on posts and reviewing photos, ready for the next day

What’s next?

  • I loved being more creative and learning new ways of doing things, writing about things I enjoy, and I’ll be increasing my posts on a weekly basis and varying it
  • I won’t be posting every day. I have a full time job, I’m a mum, wife and dog owner, and I like to split my time appropriately – as I write this it’s half term, and J is currently sat in her room watching the iPad. She asked to, as she is exhausted form a busy few days, but while she is doing that I’m using my time writing rather than something else
  • I’d like to do Blogtober again next year, as I genuinely enjoyed the challenge, but I think next year I’ll go in a bit more prepared than this one, as I decided to participate on the 1st October!

Here are some of my favourite photos and posts from the month gone by. October you’ve been great, but it’s time for a slower paced November!

Our trip away to Sandy Balls, staying in a Camping Pod


Making Halloween inspired Chocolate Apples


Heading to Mottisfont Abbey in Half Term


Going to the forest with my cousin and her family – it was a great day out


Playing in leaves




Pumpkin picking


And finally, looking at everything I love to do and see in Autumn


Mission Mindfulness

6 thoughts on “My Thoughts on a Month of Daily Blogging

  1. That is an incredible achievement, working full time, blogging every day and having so much fun outdoors too judging by the fab pics! I did it years ago and I remember coming out of it having learnt a lot like you, but also keen to slow down again. I’ve had bit of a block with blogging recently and keep wondering if I should do it to write myself out of it.


  2. Wow, well done on completing the whole month, I honestly don’t think I could stick it out. I love that it helped you get more creative and thinking outside the box, always a good thing. And you’ve got s9me truly beautiful photos to look back on.


  3. #thesatsesh I love that you stepped out of your comfort zone – learnt about yourself and your dislikes / likes plus your competitive nature. All months should have challenges, good on you for completing it!!! thanks for joining us – I was admiring your backdrops so may peek at pinterest too!


  4. It’s great that you learnt about yourself and the way you like to blog through blogtober. I agree preparation and scheduling is key and if you don’t feel like blogging then don’t you are in charge of it not the other way round x #thesatsesh


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