My Weekly List {3/11/17}

There went October. I keep saying it but I am genuinely sad to say goodbye to that month. It is my favourite in the calendar for all of the beauty that nature has to offer us, but we have 2 very important birthdays and Christmas to now look forward to

Here are the things I’ve loved this week

  • Going for a walk to the beach on Sunday. The evenings are getting darker and we forgot how early the sun set following the clock change, but it allowed us to watch the gorgeous sunset of the last Sunday of October
  • Watching J get her hair cut on Saturday morning. When we were in the salon there was a little boy who screamed the entire time. J say there patiently, was so well behaved and we were really proud of her
  • Having a fun Halloween get together with my cousin and her family. Trick or treating, Halloween themed games and hot dogs and sweets – I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I love Halloween and fancy dress
  • Completing a month of blogging every day. It was hard work but I felt a sense of achievement when it was done
  • Buying a mustard dress for J and a mustard jumper for me. I’ve been looking for the perfect ones for ages and found them both within 2 days of each other



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