My Weekly List {10/11/17}

This week has been a hard one, I fell ill with a cold on Friday and the inevitable voice loss followed over the course of the weekend, and I’ve spent much of the week in bed, only getting dressed to do a school run before falling back in bed, finally feeling better on Wednesday. Still, there’s always a silver lining and sun peeking through a cloud, so here are this week’s things:

  • We got J’s school photos this week and she looks so grown up in them they took my breath away. She is growing up far too quickly
  • Listening to J tell me about her adventure with my mum and dad on Monday – they Kindly picked her up from school for me and took her out for the evening, she’s really missed them now she doesn’t see them every Thursday
  • Having a voice back – it’s genuinely horrible being trapped in your mind and the world seems to be kitted out for many disabilities, but less so for voice loss, it’s not socially accepted
  • Reading lots of lovely feedback regarding my photos on here, my Instagram and on Facebook – it lifted me up when I was feeling very low
  • Seeing the beautiful blue skies that this gorgeous season has shown us so far. It’s definitely getting colder, but it’s worth it for the striking sunrises, sunsets and water reflections





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