The Girl in the Yellow Dress

When you’re doing your weekly food shop minding your own business and walk past the dress of dreams you have no choice but to pick it up and put it in your trolley

We all love yellow in this house and wear it throughout the seasons; pale and pastel for spring, bright and neon for summer, a deep bold yellow for autumn, and the mustard, almost golden yellow for winter. There’s a shade for every season and it never fails to make us feel happy in this household

Arriving home excitedly with the dress and tights in hand we checked to make sure the age 5-6 fit on our 114cm tall girl before she decided to head out on the Sunday with it on. It was swiftly followed by an impromptu dog walk to see the sunset after the clocks had changed – normally I’d change her into scruffy clothes but for once we went as we had been all day, minus our wellies as well!

This girly of mine has the most striking hair and skin tones that seem to match most colours, there’s really not much that doesn’t go with her, and this dress meets all the key requirements. It seems it was a perfect purchase for our yellow mad girl, and one she’s going to get a lot of wear out of

Now, if only I could find some tights like these for me – that really would be the icing on the cake.


We were not gifted this, I purchased it out of my own money at Sainsbury’s, we just adore the colour, the fit and the feel


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