The Last Weeks of Four {Living Arrows 13/11/17}

5 years ago I was about to embark on maternity leave from my job. I was a bit unsure about this new life that lay before me – whether I’d be a good mum, whether I’d bond with this baby inside of me and I was pretty worried with the information overload from all the books, websites and well meaning people

Just over 2 week’s later (which included a week in hospital) this girl arrived on her daddy’s birthday. I always spend these two weeks in a nostalgic way, looking through my photos and posts of her and wondering where the last year has gone. It sounds silly but I still don’t feel old or grown up enough to be a mum of a 3, 4, and now 5 year old

Birthday parties have been organised, presents are being coordinated and there is one excited girl who can’t wait for her birthday, and then Christmas where the organisation starts pretty much straight after. The last weeks of four always go by in a blur and I can’t believe how grown up she’s looking, I know there were hard years, but 4 has been the best year by far.

7 thoughts on “The Last Weeks of Four {Living Arrows 13/11/17}

  1. tippytupps

    It’s so scary how quickly it all goes itsn’t it. Do you ever wonder if they will ever stop being our babies regardless of how old they get?! A gorgeous picture of her though.#LivingArrows


  2. angiemwebster77

    Oh how lovely, I don’t feel old enough to be anyone’s mum either ! J suits yellow so much, this is such a lovely photo of her. I hope she has a wonderful birthday x


  3. Donna

    I always think the current year is the best and it sounds like you have really been enjoying J as a 4 year old. Five will be just as good, if not better. Happy Birthday J! x


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