My Weekly List {17/11/17}

I write this on a Saturday rather than a Friday as this week has just flown by in a blur of illness, schedules and family time. The hubster went to London midweek and so J and I had a special evening together, which turned out to be one where she was poorly. Still, I let her share the bed with me for a mummy and J sleepover – which allowed me to keep an eye on her and make sure she was okay. Here are this week’s things:

  • I have loved receiving some amazing feedback on my photos. I have worked hard to improve them over the last few years, and for people to acknowledge them makes me smile
  • I enjoyed mummy and J quality time together on Friday night and Wednesday night
  • I laughed at the hubster who decided to come home at 4am on Friday night (when he was originally staying on a friend’s sofa), expecting his side of the bed back when he came in. He was swiftly moved to the sofa as it was mummy and J sleepover night!
  • I looked through a lot of J’s baby photos and videos with a sense of nostalgia. 4 has been my favourite year, but some of the things she came out with made me laugh and smile so much
  • I came away from J’s first parents evening full of pride at my little girl and how far she’s come in the few short months she’s been at school
  • My best friend drove 200 miles to see us last weekend after I was struggling with self confidence after being poorly. She stayed over Friday and Saturday night and had quality time with both us and J
  • While my best friend was visiting, the hubster and I went for the most amazing dinner together. We realised we barely spoke about J, which means we still have things in common (haha!)


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