Let’s Just Enjoy November…

I’m going to start right here and say that I ruddy love Christmas as much as the next person. But despite me loving Christmas I’ve come to resent it in the month of November. It seems that so many people are desperate to wish this beautiful month away because they can’t wait for the 25th December

What is it about Christmas that makes people do this?

Is it the twinkly lights? The booze filled evenings? The presents? The unnecessary stress we put on ourselves to find the perfect gift for our loved ones?

Christmas isn’t just about presents, alcohol and stress, and it certainly isn’t a 2 month celebration. I don’t know why people are starting to wish the month of November away as if it wasn’t even a month in the calendar, but I do know that wishing away November and most of December for Christmas Day to arrive is effectively wishing away 15% of the year – and that year goes fast enough already

We’re nearing the end of November and for second year running I’m amazed at how many people have put up their Christmas trees mid month, and I expect those same people will be free of those Christmas trees as soon as possible after the big day, complaining about how fed up of winter they are now and looking forward to spring

Don’t get me wrong, I’m preparing for the ‘big day’. As a mum I have to be organised, but there’s a fine line between being organised and living and breathing festivity. November is a brilliant month, there are leaves everywhere to kick and remind me of my youth, gorgeous sunsets and sunrises with the most vivid colours, Guy Fawkes evening, and most importantly, 2 special birthdays right at the very end of the month for the hubster and J

No sooner have we celebrated our family birthdays, we are thrown into the month of madness, with Elf on the Shelf starting the day after, decorations pulled from the loft, countless nights out with work colleagues and friends, and a persistent stress to please everyone and fill as much as we can into our festive evenings and weekends

Until we are faced with the month, or week, or day of Christmas, can we not just enjoy November? One of the few months where there isn’t a consumer driven date to focus on, the month that is just quietly and pleasantly normal, and the month that brings so much beauty in the skies and landscapes. Can we not just enjoy simplicity?


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