Playing in Leaves {Living Arrows 23/11/17}

A little late with my weekly post but I couldn’t not include it – she looks so angelic and beautiful here. It’s been a hard week if I’m to be honest with this curly haired girl. She’s had a few wobbles and she is getting so upset over the slightest thing that happened a few weeks ago, and ‘needs’ to be honest with us all – it’s like it’s eating her up inside

She’s normally such a happy and carefree child that I hate to see this side of her but her teacher and I are meeting to see if we can pinpoint it. We keep reassuring her that accidents happen and as long as she’s honest and isn’t a horrible child she won’t get into trouble but with little effect. This girl has such a conscience and is so scared of upsetting people that she’s really hard on herself whenever she’s not perfect to her standards. Fingers crossed this is just a phase (however suggestions are welcomed!)

5 thoughts on “Playing in Leaves {Living Arrows 23/11/17}

  1. tobygoesbananas

    Oh what a shame that she’s getting upset. I hope you manage to get to the bottom of it. Toby is quite emotional at the moment too – crying at the slightest thing, and wetting the bed a lot too. I think he’s just still tired and adjusting to life at school. Hopefully things will settle down a bit after Christmas. #LivingArrows


  2. Hannah

    Aww bless her, I hope she is okay and feeling happier soon. I think it sounds like you are doing all you can, just continue what you are doing, lots of reassurance and love, with plenty of chance to talk about it if she needs to. Hopefully the meeting with the school will help. I love this photo and the bright colours!


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