My Weekly List {22/11/17}

I can’t believe how long I’ve been recording my weekly lists – it’s one of my favourite things to look back on. This week has been a tough one with J and her sudden conscience causing lots of tears on the way to school and during school each day but hopefully we’ll get through it. Here is my list for this week:

  • Meeting up with a local blogger for coffee on Wednesday was a highlight. I’ve spoken to a few local mums through Instagram and have met a couple, and it’s nice to be able to form a friendship through this sometimes lonely blogging world
  • Getting some tablets for my toothache (sounds like a weird thing to be grateful for – but having had toothache for the first time in my life it was definitely welcomed!)
  • Creating a ‘magic’ headband for J to wear each day filled with mummy kisses to make her smile and cheer her up
  • Going for a couple of walks on Sunday and admiring this beautiful month
  • Watching J in the skate park on her little purple and pink bike with a teddy on the back, surrounded by older boys who were obviously too cool, and having a blast going up and down the ramps with her daddy – one of my favourite moments from the week
  • Getting this photo of Lexi – she doesn’t get nearly enough coverage any more, but she’s such a pretty dog, and although she drives me mad rolling in fox poo on our walks, I wouldn’t be without her


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