A Month of Adventures {November 2017}

I have joined in every month with KA (and now Laura) for My Family Adventures and it’s been one of my favourite link ups but I can’t quite believe we’re about to head into the last month of this year. November has been gorgeous and really has treated us to some beautiful scenes, but we’re fast approaching some special dates in the calendar which outshine the rest of the month, and that’s the hubster and J’s birthdays

I write this surrounded by party bags, the biggest cake I’ve ever made (and probably the worst decorated – it’s the thought that counts – right?) and a party dress, as it’s a very special little girl’s birthday party on Sunday. Before I drift away to thoughts of my daughter and how earth she’s nearly 5 already, lets focus on the month that was November

We’ve had illness, flat tyres, tears at school, voice loss and the rest, but my goodness when it’s been good it’s been good. Those beautiful sunrises, crisp cold walks and that warm autumn sun. In fact we didn’t get a frost until the last weekend of the month, it’s been lovely and mild and I’ve enjoyed being with my family throughout and taking it slow

And so here is November in words and pictures…


We’ve been treated to our good friend RH with us for 2 weekends in the month which is practically unheard of since she lives in Cheshire and works out of the country, we’ve been really lucky this month. We miss her a lot but it’s lovely to have her here, and our Christmas plans changed, which means we will be heading up north for the first time this Christmas



I have absolutely fallen in love with a little dress I picked up for J in Sainsburys the other week, the deer tights top it off and my goodness if I could find a pair for me I’d twin with her until she got fed up with it! We took these when on a winter walk to catch the sunset and arrive home with chilly toes and rosy cheeks. It really is the best time of year to be out and about


One of the best things about November is kicking leaves and walking in the beautiful colours. We went to Mottisfont last weekend and whilst Lexi was pretty naughty (let just say she pulled a bit too much and rolled in fox poo…) it was a gorgeous day and I snapped these shots. Mottisfont is beautiful and we don’t visit enough, but there’s a lovely riverside walk and beautiful scenery




This weekend to finish off the month we decided to go to a country park. Lexi was well behaved (thankfully!) and we walked over 4 miles in total – we’re a very tired household. The sky was blue, the colours were vivid and everyone had a great time, even if we were a little tired by the end of it!


I love this photo of RH – I struggle to do this side kick jump (reminds me of Bert in Mary Poppins!) and the hubster finds it funny that I can’t, so we all practiced and I captured this shot – it makes me smile every time I see it!


I finish this month’s round up with 3 of my favourite photos of the month, a rare one of me and the hubster, one of us as a family, and one which is Lexi through and through! We took these yesterday sat on a pontoon, and while J looks miserable on her daddy’s lap, I just adore the colours (and the fact it was closely followed by the photo after of Lexi stealing J’s walking stick as she had lost hers). J cried, Lexi ran off, and we all laughed!



And so I’m off to organise a birthday party. Several of J’s friends have caught the dreaded chicken pox and tonsillitis, so I am hopeful that everything still runs smoothly and they make a speedy recovery

5 thoughts on “A Month of Adventures {November 2017}

  1. Little Ladies Big World

    These photos are gorgeous and so full of adventure. I hope the party went well and those tights are seriously the best, I love a bit of mustard in the autumn! Thank you for joining us I am excited to join in each month now too x #MyFamilyAdventures


  2. lifeasourlittlefamily

    Aww what a gorgeous gorgeous post, full of so many lovely photos. I love all the mustard. I am so pleased that you have stuck with me all year. I hope you had a great birthday celebrations and see you at the end of December x #MyFamilyAdventures


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