You Are 5 – Ladybug Letters

Dear J

The last time I wrote to you was when you were about to start school, and the time before that was your 4th birthday. 5 years ago we became parents and so here I sit, wondering where another year has gone, and wondering why time seems to speed up as each year passes

I expect I’ll say it every year, but 4 has by far been my absolute favourite and if I could go back and relive it all over again I wouldn’t hesitate and I wouldn’t change a thing. I look at the below photos, one from January and one from November and you can see that you’ve grown and matured, and resembling a proper little girl now – you really have left those toddler years behind



We’ve had plenty of adventure in the last 12 months, with trips to Devon, Florida, Cheshire, Yorkshire and Camp Bestival. You’ve lapped it up and been so adventurous throughout, even camping every weekend in August! From 5-6 mile walks and beach days on our holiday in March, to long bike rides, indoor rock climbing and swimming, it’s been a really great year for activity. One of the many words I can describe you with is adventurous. You love a good adventure and are so fearless


You continue to have the warmest soul and are still the first person to comfort anyone feeling sad or hurt, and I adore that quality of you. You still talk non stop, and my goodness at 545am in the morning it’s sometimes not welcomed, but I know we’ll miss it when you’re a grumpy teenager refusing to get out of bed!

School was one of the biggest changes in your life and you were very upset to leave nursery. One of the first things you said to me when you realised that school wasn’t stopping anytime soon and you had to go to school whenever mummy went to work was to ask if you got paid too. I laughed a lot at that but I see your logic!

Image 16

You are thriving in your class at school and we were and are so proud of you following your parents evening with your teacher. They had nothing but good things to say about you, and several of the mummies I talk to say their children talk fondly of you. In fact you declared to me the other week that you wanted to go out with your friends and their mummy and leave me at home – I fear it’s a sign of things to come

You still love Lexi to pieces, she still wonders when you’re leaving, and you love taking her out for walks and throwing her ball for her. In fact your daddy forgot the ball and you got most upset with him!


Cuddles are one of my favourite things with you and I adore the cosy snuggles on the blanket under the sofa. You’ve also become a big fan of mummy and J sleepovers whenever daddy is away – in fact one time he was supposed to be out with his friends overnight but arrived home at 4am and I refused to let him into the bed or move you! I made him sleep on the sofa!

I won’t lie and say everything has been smooth every moment of the year – you’ve learnt how to try and push and stretch those boundaries, and we’re learning how to deal with you and your continuing want and need to learn and play with, but in the grand scheme of things it’s all relatively minor

This year, on one early Friday in November you learnt how to do your shoelaces up – you were so proud and so you should be! You are one clever little girl and we continue to be amazed at you and your progression. You have such an infectious laugh and smile and you can really see your personality in any photo I take of you – happy, funny and pleasant. You brighten up every day and the world is a better place because of you

Here are some of my favourite shots from the year…


47202880_unknown47205104_unknown47208832_unknown47744240_UnknownIMG_272947741520_Unknown47742992_UnknownIMG_9490IMG_9821 (1)img_1234IMG_1228img_3446IMG_2266


You continue to love a good sunset and often stop me to show me the pretty colours in the sky. I love seeing the world through your eyes and I am so proud of you my girl. Never change, continue to be happy, polite, helpful and continue to have that amazing zest for life. I’ll be behind you every step of the way, I only wish I could slow time down, just a little, because it’s going by far too quickly.

Love Mummy xxx



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