My Weekly List {1/12/17}

This week has been completely overrun by birthdays, with the hubster turning 21 and several months, and J turning 5 on Thursday. It’s been a busy week without a minute to rest, but hearing my girl declare that “she is 5!” first thing in the morning was perfect and made it all worthwhile. She’s been on the countdown all week and it’s just been so magical to watch. Here are the things I’ve loved this week:

  • Listening to J come in our bedroom each morning in the run up to her birthday and count down to how many days it was. Watching the excitement build and being part it is perfect. I get what this part of childhood is all about now, and I adore it
  • Watching J get excited about holding a birthday party for her daddy on Saturday evening so he wouldn’t get left out. She helped bake the cupcakes (my little pony ones don’t you know…), blew up balloons, helped to make pizzas and pass the parcel, and last but not least walked in with the cakes and candles for him
  • Having dinner and a drink with my cousin on Tuesday night. Both girls played in soft play and my cousin and I had a catch up, and then watching the girls at dinner together while we chatted away, it was a great evening
  • Seeing all of my family over the last week, with my parents and mother in law round too
  • Buying a couple of new staple work pieces for my new job. I am leaving my current one in less than 3 weeks, and starting the new one in the new year, and as such I’m getting a few new pieces for my work wardrobe. It’s slowly but surely coming together
  • Being saved by the hubster and my best friend on Saturday after I had a cake making disaster. I ran out of icing sugar and the sides did not go well, so at 11:40pm the hubster flew to our nearest 24 hour store to rescue me. J’s face was totally worth it afterwards
  • Going for a 4.5 mile walk on Saturday in the glistening winter sun was perfect. I adore this time of year
  • Seeing my best friend RH last weekend. I really hate that she lives so far away, but it’s great when she’s back


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