Another Year {Ordinary Moments 3/12/17}

The end of November marks a special date in the calendar and that’s the hubster and J’s birthdays. Right on the brink of the Christmas season, I am reluctant to celebrate or do anything remotely christmassy until their birthdays have passed. It seems each year the celebrations towards Christmas get earlier and earlier, and this year I was surprised at how many people had their trees up in November – although had I not had a child in November I’m sure I would have been one of those people!

We started our celebrations last weekend with a bowling party for J and 13 of her school and nursery friends. I stayed up until gone midnight the night before making her a birthday cake to continue with the homemade tradition the hubster had started (and decided he didn’t want to continue…) and although I wasn’t happy with the cake, her face when she saw it was totally worthwhile

She’s such a lovely, caring girl and conscious she shares a birthday with her daddy she declared that she wanted to hold a party for him so that he didn’t feel left out. She baked him My Little Pony cupcakes and took great pride in blowing up balloons and setting up pass the parcel for him to celebrate. She has such a warm soul and I hope she continues to be as caring and considerate when she’s older


I went for dinner and an evening out with J, my cousin and her daughter to celebrate midweek, and the girls had a great time, they’re as thick as thieves and it was nice to be able to sit and have a chat with my cousin uninterrupted (for at least 10-15 minutes at a time!)

There’s 15 months between them, and it was really funny to watch them together as we waited for dinner to arrive. J sat and did the puzzles and wordsearch, also practicing her writing, while her cousin sat doing colouring. They were so good together though and a real pleasure while we caught up


Thursday morning came, and having had downstairs set up for them both the night before I went to bed, feeling nostalgic and shocked at how fast this year has gone – time really is going to fast, but it was completely worth the late night and rushing around on Wednesday when J woke up on Thursday declaring “it’s my birthday” and “I AM FIVE!”. You can see the excitement in her face in these pictures


It really has been a week of celebrating, and as such this weekend we decided to take it easy and rest and relax with a few errands in between. I keep saying it to people, but I can’t believe I have a 5 year old, that makes me feel like I should be much older than I am!

Every year I put together a photo of her from every birthday and a photo of every cake, and it would be strange to not do the same this year. Looking at the pictures of her you can really see the difference and it almost looks like a different child in the bottom 3 compared to the first three


The Ordinary Moments


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