Five {Living Arrows 4/12/17}

This weekend I took hardly any photos which is unusual, but there were many taken in the week and even though they may only be iPhone photos I absolutely love them. You see, a very special little girl of mine turned five and you can clearly see the excitement in her face in these photos. All week she had been doing a countdown, and on her birthday as soon as she woke up she declared that she was five. I love how the most simple of things really made her day

Rather than spending loads of money and buying her lots of things we opted for a party with her and her friends from school, a evening out with our cousins,  and an easel as she loves writing and practicing. That was until she declared a few days before her birthday that she wanted mouse trap for it (the older version) and a badge so she could show everyone she was five. Cue a mad dash to the shops to get the game and thank goodness for 3 for 2 offers as we stocked up for Christmas!

I also picked up a ‘5’ balloon which if I’m to be honest trumped everything she had been given. She had dragged it round the house all week much to our dismay. Still, she’s happy and that’s the main thing, and still telling everyone she’s five!


Living Arrows


5 thoughts on “Five {Living Arrows 4/12/17}

  1. angiemwebster77

    Happy Birthday J ! It sounds like she had a wonderful day. Daisy insists in a number balloon each year, I had some for my birthday too there’s just something special about a huge number balloon. Hope you are having a great week x


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