Me and Mine {November 2017}

A few days late for our Me and Mine post for November, and for good reason – the hubster and J’s birthdays. I think this should be the last time I mention it, but every birthday is such a big milestone and so bittersweet that I can’t help but not focus on them

November you were full of friendship, family and comfort, and I’m sad to see another month of the year go as we hurtle into the last of 2017

We had a couple of opportunities for photos last month, first of all taking some photos by the lake after a walk when I was feeling a bit better after a rough start to the month. I feel they look so wintery here which is complete contrast to our other photos, taken the end of the month when the skies were blue. Had it not been cold and had we not been in thick coats and jeans you would have been forgiven for thinking we were abroad or in the midst of summer

Both times our family photo was taken when our best family friend was visiting us and I’m glad we’ve continued to do this monthly project throughout the year. I also love being able to visit places we’ve been to many times before and finding something new to do each time we go. You’ll also note that bar one photo either the dog was being a pest or my girly wasn’t playing ball and either hid or pulled silly faces. And so it begins…



In November…

Sherry Loved:

  • Spending time with RH who came down for 2 of the 4 weekends in the month
  • Going for a couples dinner (and realising that we barely spoke about J or looked at our phones all evening!) – hooray for still having normal conversation!
  • Admiring the beautiful sunsets, skies and days we were treated to – it’s such a shame I spent much of the month in an office

The Hubster Loved:

  • Playing lots of tennis
  • Going on a works night out to London (even if he did get slightly homesick haha!)
  • A special couples night out as it happens so rarely

J loved:

  • Turning 5. She was so excited and was on a countdown for at least a week
  • Celebrating her birthday with her friends and family
  • Spending a day with her nanny and grandad as she wasn’t allowed back at school following one instance of throwing up. She was spoilt rotten and kept telling everyone how much she missed her Thursdays with them

Lexi loved:

  • Sticks and water (see below outtake photos. That was J’s stick which Lexi wanted, and decided she was having! I look slightly crazed through laughing at her while J is about to cry) – what more could a dog want than a stick and some water?


December is yet another busy month. We have something planned every weekend, I leave my current job of 15 years, and we have a much needed Christmas break off together. I honestly cannot believe how quickly we’ve moved into December.

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