My Weekly List {8/12/17}

And just like that another week has passed and we’re in the midst of December. I’ve spoke to so many people who have said that this year has simply flown by and I don’t disagree. We’re in the midst of Christmas planning, having all but 1 present to buy for, and I’m on a countdown until I leave my current company, which is sad but exciting at the same time. Here’s this week’s list:

Buddy the Elf has been visiting us for our little version of Elf on the Shelf and seeing J’s face light up every morning has been worth getting my creative side together

  • I visited my new company on Wednesday and although daunting that I’ll be the “new girl” for the first time in 12 years everyone seemed really friendly and I’m looking forward to joining them
  • Watching J help me while I checked the oil, water and screen wash on my car was adorable. She even helped me with washing my hands afterwards, by pouring sugar onto my washing up liquid filled hands (genius hack!) which is what I used to do with my dad when I was a young girl and he worked on the car
  • Going to the food bank on Monday with J to donate food to those less fortunate to us. It’s the first time she’s done it, and although we’re not rich or well of by any measure, we’re fortunate to have cupboards which aren’t bare, and it’s important she realises this. She did really well and I’m very proud of her
  • Heading for a meal out with my colleagues on Friday night and then a couple of drinks afterwards
  • Having a weekend where we did nothing was welcomed after a few busy weeks previously

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