10 Things I Love About Christmas

I was tagged in an Instagram post about the 10 things I love about Christmas and I loved putting it into my stories so much that I wanted to elaborate on them here. Here’s my 10 things I love about Christmas:

  • The Time Off – I haven’t worked a Christmas in my entire career and I love switching off from the 23rd December right through to January. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to have Christmas off in my new company, but it turns out the majority don’t work Christmas and I’m in that majority – for the win!
  • Family Traditions – Every year J and I stand in the kitchen on Christmas Eve preparing veg for the following day, we visit the reindeer at the garden centre and we have a photo by the tree every year in our Christmas Outfits / Jumpers. It’s one of my favourite things about the month and I love that we have these little family traditions that are special to us


  • My Mums Quiche and a Baileys Coffee on Christmas Eve – Quite simply the best quiche ever,  and nothing speaks Christmas more than a baileys coffee, although the decaf variety this year! Mum I know you read this and you’ve told me it’s not happening this year…hint hint, nudge nudge!
  • Seeing Christmas Through my Girl’s Eyes – There is honestly nothing quite like it and every year has got better and better. If I’m to be honest I’ve turned into a bit of a Christmas Grinch as I’ve started to feel pressured and find it so stressful having to think of presents for people who earn money and have pretty much everything they need, but show me a child and that stress disappears. It’s about the kids isn’t it? Seeing my daughter do a little dance whilst decorating our tree is everything about Christmas. Which brings me to…


  • Being Involved in all of the Christmas Eve Preparation – making sure the elves wrap J’s presents and seeing what Santa does to our lounge are particular highlights. We spend weeks discussing it all and confirming the present she wants from Santa, and watching her face as she sees the tree and presents on the big day makes the entire stress of the past 24 days wash away and make me feel so fortunate to be her mummy


  • Watching the Hubster Read the Night Before Christmas on the Night Before Christmas With J – it’s one of those moments I look forward to every year, and one of those moments which always brings a tear to my eye
  • Twinkly Lights and Christmas Decorations – If I could have pretty multicoloured Christmas lights up all year round I would. Sadly the hubster does not feel the same way…


  • Going for Walks – Frosty fields, piercing blue skies and a warm house to return to. My oh my I love winter and the lack of people that head out at this time of year – it allows me to be with my family and my thoughts, and I adore winter walks


  • Christmas Themed Food and Drink – Gingerbread lattes, gingerbread houses, gingerbread cakes… Forget it, let’s just say I love gingerbread and I actively count down the weeks until the drinks arrive in the shops with their festive cups
  • Spending Quality Time With my Family – it’s the one time of year I am fiercely precious of. We rarely book anything and the focus is on quality family time with all of the above mixed in. It’s likely that I’ll be on social media sporadically but other than that, technology goes away and family is what the break is all about


I’d love to know what you would add in – what makes Christmas for you?

Mission Mindfulness

5 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About Christmas

  1. Hayley @Mission: Mindfulness

    Awww these are lovely – so sorry I’d missed the IG post and then tagged you too! I love your points about family time and getting outdoors – so pleased that you are still okay not to work over Xmas. You’ve given me the taste for a Baileys now you mention it! Thanks for linking up and wishing you a merry Christmas xx #thesatsesh


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