Crazy Busy Christmas {Ordinary Moments 10/12/17}

Before this year I always thought Christmas was busy since becoming a parent with a toddler, and then I became a school mum and it went to a whole new other level. There are craft days, nativities, school assemblies, inset days, Christmas bazaars, odd sock days and non uniform days – the list feels endless and that’s only the month of December

This on top of an already busy month with Elf on the Shelf, family meet ups and the general day to day lifestyles we lead has led us to feel a little frazzled and in much need of a Christmas break. Last year J was in nursery 3 days a week and I organised activities for every weekend as she wasn’t tired, and based on that we thought it would be the fine to do the same again this year. In hindsight we’re wishing we hadn’t, and as such we’re struggling to keep on top of everything and needing some time out

Even though I feel there’s far too much going on in the run up to Christmas I’m glad we’ve had the flexibility to attend all of her school events so far and last week we watched J’s first ever nativity play. She looked for us straight away as she entered the room and then maintained eye contact with us throughout, singing all of the words perfectly and performing all of the actions, our hearts beaming with pride. As she stood reading her line pleased as punch I sat with tears stinging my eyes. This is what it’s all about – she’d been requesting we attended ever since she’d been practicing and I know it made her little heart swell to see her parents watch her perform with smiles as big as hers

Next year I’m sure we won’t be cramming as much into Christmas, we should both be settled into our new roles at work, J will hopefully be taking year 1 in her stride, and we will be sat there watching her in her school play once more. I have to wonder though, why Christmas makes us feel the need to be superhuman, does anyone else do this?


The Ordinary Moments


4 thoughts on “Crazy Busy Christmas {Ordinary Moments 10/12/17}

  1. Donna

    Haha every year I say we’ll do less, have a slower pace and not book as much in. And every year we are so crazy busy!! But, we cancelled plans the last two weekends and just stayed at home x


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