A Hard Week of Parenting {Living Arrows 11/12/17}

I’m not quite sure what has happened since my girl turned 5 but she’s been hard work. Her listening ears aren’t kicking in, she’s doing her own thing (ignoring us) and just being the complete opposite to what we’re used to. Being a glass half full person I know we’re lucky that this is probably (hopefully!) only a phase, and that we’re lucky to have a well mannered child who doesn’t hit or do anything untoward, but it’s pretty relentless

This weekend we decided to take her to the Narnia Christmas experience in Portsmouth. She spent the whole day being excited and wore her elf outfit from the minute she woke up to past bedtime, ready for Santa to see her

I snapped this photo while we were waiting for her daddy in the Bose store (seriously, what is it about men and their love of speakers – I just don’t get it?) and I adore this photo of her. She looks so happy and excited . The calm before the storm that followed (and the need to sit in a dark room!)

6 thoughts on “A Hard Week of Parenting {Living Arrows 11/12/17}

  1. angiemwebster77

    Daisy can be the same, she’s an absolute dream at school but as soon as she’s home she can be a right terror. I think each year brings a new challenge especially with girls. The Narnia experience sounds brilliant. Have a lovely week x


  2. tobygoesbananas

    I am so with you on this one, and Toby doesn’t have the excuse of a birthday! I’m hoping it’s just over-excitement about Christmas and tiredness at the end of a long first term at school, and that things improve again with the break and a chance to catch up on sleep and rest. Fingers crossed anyway! #LivingArrows


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