Looking Back on 2017 and Looking Forward to 2018

I’m aware that time moves at a set pace by my goodness didn’t 2017 feel like it flew by? Since I’ve become a mum the days felt like they had moved quicker, and then when J started school it stepped up yet another notch, with more routines and diary bookings

I started 2017 saying it was going to be the year of health, adventure and family, and whilst there’s still room for improvement, overall I’m pleased with my progress:


I spent the year trying to figure out what had plagued me and my voice loss issues, and although the year didn’t start well with me getting flu, by the end of it I realised that cutting out caffeine, chocolate and a large proportion of milk based foods really helped with the vocal issues. I’m by no means cured, and there’s still a lot more to explore, but I embarked on a food plan over the summer to help rid me of the problems I’ve experienced and it’s highlighted some areas I wish to continue improving


Most months we spent a weekend staying at home with the odd walk but mostly the focus was on resting, relaxing and recovering. J certainly needed a weekend to chill every so often because of school, and it was nice to be able to spend time not rushing about. One weekend a month is more than enough as often I’m climbing the walls by the end of it!




If there was one word to sum 2017 up it would be adventure. We visited Devon, York, The Peak District, Florida, Belgium, Dorset and Surrey. This is only a snippet and the list could go on but we were definitely well travelled this year and I have loved every one of our adventures for all of the different reasons they have given us. Next year our focus will be on local adventures, but we have a holiday booked to West Sussex, and hopefully the odd weekend away here and there





For 2018 there are 4 words that will be our family focus:

 – Change – Finances – Health – Photography –


I start the new year in a new job, and after 15 years (and my entire working career) in one company it’s quite a big change and a bit daunting leaving my security blanket behind. It’s been a long time since I’ve been the new girl, and much of the first part of the year will be spent trying to understand how a different company works, and forging new work relationships and friendships. A scary but exciting move, and one I’m looking forward to doing. The hubster has also started a new role recently, so while we’ll be trying to adapt to my significant change, we’ll also be looking to understand how his new senior role impacts us


We decided to have a child before buying a house, and although it’s not the order that many would have chosen, for us it worked. 2018 will see us prepare to buy and hopefully be in a position to buy by the end of the year. We won’t be having as many grand weekends away for this very reason, buy local adventures are still as important and we will be using out National Trust passes and the surrounding countryside while we set everything up



No ‘new year, new me’ here, instead it’s a new year, new focus. The focus moves towards some recent results and the next steps I need to take to further improve my health. Walking, eating and monitoring are all areas I will be focusing on in 2018, and of course the constant supervision of my throat and all things that could affect it

Walking will start back up in full swing – I am determined to walk 1,000 miles in a year, especially as I fell short by 250 this year, and I will use my gym membership once more, even for a swim or sauna after work. It’s a key focus for me and my mental wellbeing



My friends at my previous company purchased a gift voucher for me to put towards a new dSLR and whilst I have said one of the main focuses of 2018 is to prepare to buy a house, another is to buy a new camera as it’s my hobby and passion

My current camera will be 10 years old in 2018 and whilst it has served me well it’s started to frustrate me so much – with a poor ISO for low light, too much noise in my photos, and slow bursts for multi shots. The one that I want (80D) is a bit steep financially whilst we are saving, so I am settling for a lower model which will serve me a while longer and be a huge improvement on what I currently have, until we have a house and I can then purchase the spec I really want

I want to continue to improve my photography skills, understand how to take better landscape photos, and use the light and the environment around me better to take photos that I’m proud of, and let me move into the next phase of my photography


What are your plans for 2018 and how did 2017 go?

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