My Blogging Journey in 2017

I wrote the other day about my resolutions for 2017 and plans for 2018, and I wanted to dedicate a post to my blog and all of the great things that have happened to me this year either through it or as a result of it


  • 2017 was the year of the conference for me. I plucked up the courage to attend my first conference in September without knowing anyone who was going and donned a Christmas jumper to visit BlogOnXmas in Manchester. It was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time and I’m going again in May next year – I can’t wait to meet and network again!
  • I also visited BlogCampOnBoard which was held in Southampton and it was nice to visit and walk around a cruise ship for the first time. It changed my mind about going on a cruise ship with a child and the hubster’s hoping we can go on one soon!
  • I’ve booked myself onto a weekend away next April with lots of other bloggers and vloggers. I’m completely and utterly outside of my comfort zone, but I booked and paid before I could talk myself out of it (thanks hubster!) and I’m really looking forward to the sessions



  • I met a couple of Hampshire based bloggers in “real life” after chatting to them on Instagram. Steph and I have been for a couple of dog walks and a coffee, and we’re going to be sharing a room together for the Flea Retreat next April!
  • Wendy has 2 young boys and we’ve met at a country park and for coffee, and I even helped her paint her new house when it became a little overwhelming pre-move. Wendy is as lovely in real life as she is online and hopefully we’ll catch up early 2018
  • A couple of other local bloggers were met at BlogOnXmas and BlogCampOnBoard. Both AK and Sara-Jayne are lovely, and both made me laugh a lot. Hoping to catch up with these ladies too again in the new year
  • Massive shout outs to LaurettaLaura and Sarah who I met through these conferences too, and Emma who I finally met in ‘real life’ after talking to through various link ups!

Brand Collaborations and Reviews

  • I got my first ever commissioned post in 2017 and I was so excited and phoned the hubster immediately. My recipe went down a treat in the Cook household and J and I had a great time making it
  • I also wrote several other reviews for products and toys. I’ve loved reaching out to brands, and talking with them to see if there’s any way we can work together, and I’m grateful for the opportunities that have come my way this year


  • I managed to get a family portrait photo every month and we have a great time running back and forth from the camera for our monthly pictures. I am so proud that we have achieved it every month this year
  • I joined in with the Living Arrows linky, and posted frequent photos of J through the months. She’s growing so fast and it’s clear to see from the start of the year to the end of the year



Blogs and Linkys

  • Donna at What the Redhead Said has one of my favourite blogs and is the most lovely person on social media – I’d recommend her blog to anyone and hopefully I’ll meet her in person next year – until then I’ll continue to read her blog and link up to Living Arrows and The Ordinary Moments
  • KA ran the My Family Adventures linky and I adore her blog for the gorgeous colours and writing. I love writing a monthly round up of our adventures and I adore reading her blog on my Friday lunch break
  • Mummy Daddy Me was the first blog I ever read and continues to be in my favourites. She’s branched out into YouTube this year and has done amazingly, but I’ll always admire her photos and camera technique through her blog
  • Fiona at Coombe Mill seems to be one of the most generous and kind bloggers I know and I loved linking up with Country Kids in 2017 and hope to many more times in 2018
  • I adore reading Hayley from Mission Mindfulness’ blog and found it this year after being invited to join in with a linky. She has some brilliant tips and runs The Sat Sesh Linky with Lucy. One of my favourite link ups from 2017 and one I’m looking forward to joining in again with in 2018


  • I blogged daily for the first time in October and while I needed a rest after it, I loved the buzz it gave me and the creative streak it made me push
  • I socialised with a lot of people on Instagram and found some amazing feeds which I now follow. It’s by far my favourite social media platform, and I’m often found there in the evening after J is in bed!


Next year I hope to do more of the above, it’s been a blast having this little corner of the internet, and I’m grateful to everyone who reads, comments and talks to me on here and on my social media channels. Happy new year to you all.

5 thoughts on “My Blogging Journey in 2017

  1. Kerri-Ann (@kahargreaves)

    Gorgeous round up, so many reasons to be happy with how your year has gone. Love that last photo of you. It has been lovely to watch your family grow over the last twelve months and thanks so much for joining me in #myfamilyadventures and of course for the mention here x


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