Happy New Year {Living Arrows 1/1/18}

And so we move into the second year of Living Arrows. Last year I captured a photo of J most weeks and it was clear to see how much she had changed over the year, if not a little bittersweet

Last night we hosted a mini New Years Eve party with my cousin and her family, opting to celebrate ‘new year’ with the girls at 7pm rather than midnight, to allow them to celebrate with us

J was so excited and all day practiced her countdown from 10. She started getting ready at 2pm and was in her party dress and with her “make up” on (some 3 hours before their arrival)

When “midnight” arrived we watched fireworks, let off silly string and popped party poppers. We all danced to several cheesy hits from our youth, and danced to Cotton Eyed Joe in my tiny lounge. It was so much fun with the girls and I don’t think I’d want to do New Years Eve any other way now, it was a great way to see out 2017.

Living Arrows

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year {Living Arrows 1/1/18}

  1. Mummy's Monkey

    What a brilliant idea! I spent most of last night saying I can’t wait until Monkey is old enough to stay up with us. May borrow this for next year


  2. angiemwebster77

    Your new years celebrations sounds perfect, we don’t really do anything for new year but I think we might as the kids get older. J looks like she’s ready to party in this photo ! #LivingArrows


  3. Donna

    We let A and T stay up this year – T only made it to 11:15pm and they were both wrecked for days afterwards! Your plan sounds much better and like she had a great time! x


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