Health Right Now – January

To help with my plan for eating and living better in 2018 I am starting a monthly update on my health. I used to be a really active person, walking every day and being outdoors for most of my weekend, but in recent years and especially towards the end of 2017 with hectic schedules, this lapsed. Some blood test results need to be redone at the end of January following December’s tests, so before things can get worse, the focus is on to make them better and each month I will set mini goals. Here are January’s:

  • Food plan each week and have a fast food free January
  • Walk 1-2 miles every day. When I get home from work I will check my steps, and if I haven’t done 1 mile I’m off out for a wander
  • Be conscious of my chest and the need to rest. The above only stands if my chest isn’t sore. The right side of my chest aches every so often, and I wake up feeling groggy most days with it, so this is important for me. The doctor is continuing to investigate and monitor me, so fingers crossed we see an improvement before the year is out
  • Get to bed at or before 10pm 3x a week. See above with need to rest
  • Use my gym membership. This one has started well, with a visit on the 1st and the 3rd. I aim to visit at least 2x a week

That’s a good starter for ten, here’s hoping the journey is good!

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