5 Places to Visit and Walk in the New Forest

We love the New Forest and visit it many times in the year. I love how somewhere so close to a big city can be so vast, and I love how you can get lost in your thoughts whilst admiring nature and it’s beauty around you. I’m often asked where is best to walk, so here’s a round up post of some of our favourite spots


Situated between Fordingbridge and Nomansland on the B3078 is Godshill. At the top of a hill (of course) is a car park, with great views of the forest. We often walk down the hill, play in the small water area at the bottom and have a picnic. Each time we visit there’s something different we find but it’s the perfect place for a picnic while the kids / dog paddle in the water. Next time we’ll be walking further and stopping by Pitts Wood further along the route



Another family friendly route in the New Forest, and one where J loves riding her bike is Deerleap (opposite the New Forest Wildlife Park). We’ve had group picnics here, long bike rides, and circular walks under the second railway bridge some 1-2 miles down (I recommend the circular route in the summer unless you have wellies as there’s often a big puddle under the railway bridge in winter! – turn left after you’ve gone over the first railway bridge and past the watering hole and you’ll see it)

This area is one of our favourites to visit in all seasons, and is popular with dog walkers, cyclists and families. If you continue in a straight line you’ll end up at Beaulieu Road which is where our next favourite walk is, Shatterford



I’d recommend Shatterford to anyone as it’s quite simply my favourite walk in the New Forest. Located along the B3056 Beaulieu Road, you’ll see the Shatterford tree line if you’re heading from Lyndhurst (go over the railway bridge and you’ll have gone too far)

A 3 mile circular walk, where the ground varies from stoney, to grassy, to forest. There’s a crater / ditch halfway round where we usually stop for a chat and a snack, and it’s where the hubster proposed to me! We used to live on the edge of the New Forest and would do this route several times a week but sadly don’t live near there any more

I’d recommend wellies or waterproof shoes in winter months as the grassy area is sometimes a bit difficult, but we visit Shatterford time and time again, and J has completed the walk with us and collects various ‘treasures’ along the way



Situated right on the outskirts of the New Forest and on the waterfront is Lepe. You’ll need to pay to park here but there’s a cafe, toilets and gorgeous views of the Solent and the Isle of Wight. They also have a children’s play area and do themed activities here – a few years back we did a dog activity walk which was great fun


A very popular location with families and somewhere you’re allowed to have BBQ’s is Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary. It gets really busy here, particularly in summer and you will struggle to park if you get there late in the day, but they host a number of children’s activities in the holidays and it’s a family friendly walk with several different routes to choose from. There’s often a help point near to the car park, and in summer there’s an ice cream van and several friendly animals

There’s also deer in the field adjacent to the walking routes, which again, attract a number of people (and gasps). No wellies needed as the ground is quite accessible (although I’ll always recommend a good pair of walking shoes for any walk!)


There are many other locations I’d recommend, but these are my top 5, and hopefully this year we’ll add more to the list. Would you recommend any of the above of somewhere different?

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One thought on “5 Places to Visit and Walk in the New Forest

  1. Fridgesays

    #thesatsesh ohhh I love this post, mainly as we often visit this area (its not too far from us)…am i the only one who can’t get over horses walking around freely though…it blows my mind every time 🙂 haha


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