18 Aims for 2018

I’m going to be honest and say that even though I know we’re in a new year I haven’t really thought about it being a ‘new year’ – kind of like I’m in denial. I know it’s because there’s a big change starting on Monday – did I mention I have a new job? Haha! But in all seriousness until I’ve started that I feel a bit like I’m in limbo and have procrastinated a lot about the fact it is January

I have a diary sat next to me and a brand new notebook, and I ought to start using it, but I’m not quite there yet. When Holly asked if anyone wanted to do the ’18 Aims for 2018′ post it made me start thinking about this year, and actually set some goals at last. These all link to the words that I have said will underpin 2018 for me so here goes:


  1. I would like to settle into my new role. An obvious one here, but 15 years in a company is a long time, and I’m understandably nervous but excited about the change. I’d love to reach the end of 2018 having made some new friends, and some positive changes in my new company, but most of all, settle in
  2. Do something that scares me – this sounds silly, but I need to do this one to help me grow. Last year I applied for another job and I also went to a blogging conference without knowing a single person. Both terrified me for different reasons, and both made me come away with a sense of achievement. I’m not sure what 2018’s will be, but it’s definitely good for the soul
  3. Do something different with my hair – I grew out the colour last year and it bores me now and is lifeless. I’d like a change to my hairstyle in 2018, I just need to figure out what that change will be
  4. Live in the moment more – work, routines, stress and hassle all fill up days fast and often I’m not fully engaged with those around me, particularly the hubster in the evening after J is in bed as we’re both exhausted. I’d like to change that this year


  1. Improve my health – the main thing here is lose weight and keep it off, but also get back to walking 3-4 miles on the weekend. We lost our way with J starting school and the madness that was December, and I enjoy walking and being outside
  2. Set monthly health goals to keep me motivated. A year long one will bore me, so short goals are much better and keep me thinking about it
  3. Have a long soak at least once a fortnight. I shower daily, but I used to have a ‘proper’ soak in the bath and now rarely do. I find it so relaxing and good for my mental wellbeing but never really seem to make time
  4. Find an exercise class that I really like and keep going to it. I used to like Pilates and Aquacise but lost some body confidence upon becoming a mum, so this would be good to start up again


  1. Build up savings – following on from the above I simply know I need to work hard at this one. Not only am I a natural born hoarder but I am also a compulsive spender. Clothes, books, magazines – you name it, I’ve bought it! I’m a marketer’s dream, shout “SALE” and I’m likely there! Time to curb it – to save – to buy a new car and to buy a house
  2. Sell items that have been sitting around my house for too long. The iPhone 5c I stopped using 2 years ago, branded skirts I know I won’t wear again, there’s a pretty long list
  3. Set myself a monthly budget for non essential items. As mentioned above, this is the year of savings for a car and a house, so I need to revert back to the days when I budgeted really well and had a lot less money
  4. Stop using my debit card. I have memorised my card number, security code, the lot – which makes it pretty easy to use when my purse isn’t handy. I’m planning on dealing with cash this year and order a new bank card (it expires this summer anyway)

Personal (inc Photography)

  1. Buy a new camera – I know I am a broken record when I talk about my dSLR, but it’s 10 years old this year, so it’s definitely time for an upgrade! Before J’s birthday at the end of November…watch this space
  2. Visit Snowdonia – I long to climb Snowdon, and it has been on my lifelong bucket list, but each year comes by and I still haven’t achieved the climb. This year (regardless of whether I get to climb it) I am visiting the area to look at the welsh mountains. If I end up climbing Snowdon this year, then that’s a happy coincidence!
  3. Read books – I would love to sit here and commit to 1-2 books a month, but realistically that’s just not going to happen. Instead I would love to achieve reading at least 4 books by the end of the year
  4. Declutter – our aim is to either move or be in a position to move by the end of 2018. We have lived in our house for 5.5 years and a lot of stuff has been accumulated, so I would like to declutter (the hubster will read this and be jumping around!) but it can’t be done overnight and Rome wasn’t built in a day – so he needs to bear with me as I navigate through this!
  5. Have adventures –  explore our beautiful country, find somewhere new to visit, climb a mountain, go camping. Any of these things to fill our minds, hearts and memories up with. Free and simple days out
  6. Spend more time and talk more with friends, especially those I am not longer going to be seeing or speaking to daily due to my job change – I have a great group of friends and need to continue those relationships

So there we have it, a few personal plans for 2018. All are pretty achievable, and I’m looking forward to tracking my progress as the year moves along

2 thoughts on “18 Aims for 2018

  1. Memeandharri

    Great post lovely with some really great aims. I am attending a blogging event this year without really knowing anyone – sometimes we just need to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. Good luck with the new job – you will be amazing!!!


  2. Hannah

    Ah, I am SURE I spotted you at BlogOn, but you were chatting and its twice as hard to say hello to a group! I went on my own too and my heart rate was through the roof all weekend, but it was amazing as well as being incredibly nerve-wreaking! Good luck with your goals for 2018, and I especially hope you settle in well and love your new job xx


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