Exploring Trentham Gardens in Winter

Whenever we go ‘up north’ to visit our friend we always try to go to Trentham Gardens in Stoke on Trent. It’s peaceful, tranquil and beautiful – just what we need in amongst our busy lives

Each time we have visited it’s been a different season with different things to see, and each time we’ve been J has had a good play in the children’s area and we’ve stopped for a hot chocolate or ice cream (depending on the outside temperature!)

Trentham has the best of everything for us; shops to look round and make a cheeky purchase at, eateries for lunch and best of all the gardens.  We tend to head to a different part of the gardens or take a different route around the lake, and this time we decided to walk round the lake taking a left as we entered

It was a chilly walk with the wind blowing on us, but there were lots of families present for their winter walks. I say it often, but our favourite time of year to walk is in autumn and winter. There’s les stress, fewer people, and it’s an opportunity to keep moving to keep you warm!

Trentham Gardens and the Trentham Estate are one of our favourite finds by our northern friend, and I love that we’ve been in every season to see all it has to offer, J in particular loves looking at the fairies along the walk – making us stop to make a wish at each of them

It really is somewhere I’d recommend visiting, and I can’t wait to go back in Spring, last year they had beautiful tulips all around the gardens

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