Living Arrows {Getting in Mummy’s Shot}

We’re in the midst of returning to work, school and general routines, so to break it up I decided on a late afternoon walk with the girly so that she could use her space scooter and so that I could take some winters photos. I adore winter, but I am struggling with the continuous grey skies and dark afternoons, but we continue to try and make an effort to explore and enjoy the scenery around us

I’m not sure why children do it, but the minute you want to take a photo which doesn’t have them in it, they choose to be in it and that’s what happened with this photo. I must try to use this approach more!

Living Arrows

4 thoughts on “Living Arrows {Getting in Mummy’s Shot}

  1. angiemwebster77

    I bet you didn’t mind her getting in your shot with a cheeky smile like that ! I know what you mean about the grey skies, it makes you want to stay home and curl up doesn’t it. I always try harder this time of year to get out, it really does make you feel so much better x


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