New Routines {Ordinary Moments 28/1/18}

A new year a new you, or start, or so the saying goes! For us, 2018 arrived with several new starts. There’s the obvious work one which I’ll talk about at some point and which has exhausted me in the evenings and weekends, so much so that I’ve neglected my little space on the internet, but for J the month had several new starts and she took them all in her stride. Before Christmas we identified that the after school club wasn’t working for her and instead decided to book her in with a childminder which so far has been the perfect choice. No tears before school, no begging us to finish work early to pick her up, instead it’s quite the opposite and we’re practically having to drag her out!

We’ve also been on the waiting list for Rainbows for J for quite some time, and finally she was allocated a place. We told her beforehand and she was so excited throughout the day that she told her teachers and most people she met, but as we arrived she became a little nervous. We needn’t have worried as she really enjoyed it and came out asking when we could get her outfit – must get that ordered!

Next stop in the week was swimming lessons at a new location and tennis lessons to start the weekend off. She spent much of the month pleading with us to do all three, and naturally we’re concerned she’ll be too tired, so we’ll try it for a term and see how she gets on. She thrives on a challenge and changes, that’s for sure!


The Ordinary Moments


3 thoughts on “New Routines {Ordinary Moments 28/1/18}

  1. Donna

    Oh my gosh, it sounds like you – and J especially – are so busy!! We only do swimming on a Thursday and the children are exhausted from that. I’d love for them to do a dance class after school one day but not sure they’d cope! x


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