A Month of Adventures {January 2018}

January you have been long and full of grey skies, but you’ve also flown by with new starts, new routines and lots of change. At times it felt like the days would never end, and at times we wished away the grey skies, only to be rewarded with more grey skies, but we often wanted for the days to slow down so that we could fully enjoy time together

It was a month which was full of family time, with lunches out, trips to the cinema and swimming. We celebrated Duffy the bear’s birthday one lunch out, singing proudly in the restaurant as J fed him, and had the biggest and most lovely cakes I’ve seen when out with friends for lunch at the end of the month

We’re not fair weather walkers, but the weather has just been so bad and so windy that we’ve naturally found ourselves favouring indoor fun instead. I’m someone who usually adores Winter, with it being my second favourite season, but this year has to be the wettest and most miserable Winter we’ve had for a long time. That said, the evenings are getting lighter again, and we’ve had some nice long dog walks after school and work

If there was a word that could underpin January for us it would be change. I started at my new company and spent much of the month adjusting to learning about another organisation and getting used to full time hours again, and the hubster spent much of the month getting used to a change in family routines and school drop offs. J started the month at a new childminder after not really settling at after school club, and she also had a month of new activities, starting tennis lessons, restarting swimming lessons, and finally joining Rainbows. We were worried that she would be exhausted, but she pleaded with us, and so we’ve decided to try it all for a term and see how she gets on

And so here is January in fewer photos that normal. I’ll get the camera out more in February for sure

Linking with KA and Laura for My Family Adventures for the second year running

7 thoughts on “A Month of Adventures {January 2018}

  1. lifeasourlittlefamily

    Lovely to have you joining us again Sherry. Looks like you have been unlucky with the weather. I hope the new routine starts to get easier and you get out a little more in Feb. It is lovely to have lighter evenings isn’t it? x


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