Health Right Now {February 2018}

Last month I wrote about my monthly health plans to help me have a happier and healthier year for 2018. Last month I said I would walk 1-2 miles each day. I exceeded this and ended up walking an average of 2-2.5 miles a day thanks to my new role. Here is the update for the rest of the month

  • Food plan each week and have a fast food free January – we failed miserably at this. We ate out most weekends for lunch and made dinner plans through the day after a quick text at lunch. One to try for February although I did make a packed lunch for work most days
  • Be conscious of my chest and the need to rest. The above only stands if my chest isn’t sore. The right side of my chest aches every so often, and I wake up feeling groggy most days with it, so this is important for me. The doctor is continuing to investigate and monitor me, so fingers crossed we see an improvement before the year is out – I’ve rested more than normal this month and I believe it helped and prevented me from ending up too ill, as well as the flu jab I got at the beginning of the month!
  • Get to bed at or before 10pm 3x a week. See above with need to rest – achieved this!
  • Use my gym membership. This one has started well, with a visit on the 1st and the 3rd. I aim to visit at least 2x a week – We managed to go every weekend, although often it was to sit and have a coffee, but at the end of the month (after everyone had mostly stopped their resolutions and it got quieter!) I went for a ‘proper’ session, and ran for the first time since last summer. it was a good feeling – even if I did feel like I’ve been hit in the ribs afterwards!

For February:

  • Get out and explore the area more, enjoying nature again. Since J has started lots of classes and does a lot of activities, this has lapsed, and I want to start it up again
  • Walk 100 miles in February. I walked 70 miles in January and walk a lot in my new role, so I am hoping I can achieve this!
  • Food plan for at least 2 weeks – and stick to it!
  • Give something up for lent – I’m not sure what, but I believe it would be good to do


Achievable? Yes

Hard work at times? Definitely!

Let’s do this February!

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