Me and Mine {February 2018}

Didn’t February pass by quickly? We find ourselves at the end of the 2nd month of 2018 already and looking forward to March, the month that brings us spring and longer days

As I write this, the UK is in the midst of a week of freezing temperatures and snow, and the south is in eager and fearful anticipation of snow for the first time in several years. My car is packed with a blanket, ski jacket and snow boots, and although I have a lot to do this week, I am looking forward to seeing some snow

This month saw a bit of a blogging wobble for me. I was naive and wasn’t expecting to struggle with the blog/work/life balance through changing jobs, but the first 6 weeks consumed all my mental energy, leaving the only capacity for my family in the evenings. Once this week is out of the way there should be some sort of normality resuming, it’s just been bad timing with a new job, an audit and a big learning curve due to it all!

This month we left our monthly photos to the last minute and took some at sunset at the National Trust Devils Punchbowl on the way back from Guildford on the last Saturday. I’d love to say we walked but it was bitterly cold and getting dark so we jumped about and laughed while overlooking the beautiful landscape like lunatics before rushing back to the warmth of our cars! They’re not my best photos, but they do make me laugh and take me back to that moment, and as the hubster pointed out, it’s about making memories, not perfect photos

In February…

Sherry loved:

  • Watching sunrises and sunsets on the beach with my family
  • Having a few days to myself while the hubster and J went to York
  • Catching up with the girls for dinner and the cinema

The hubster loved:

  • Getting his new car
  • Seeing his best friends in York
  • Having lots of slow, family time on the weekends

J loved:

  • Making her rainbows promise
  • Going in daddy’s new car and poking her head through the sunroof
  • Playing with her friends in York and her cousin at the park

Lexi loved:

  • Lots of fun at the beach. It may be cold, but she’s always in the water!

March sees the start of the Easter holidays, a couple of busy weekends with birthday parties, and lots of catching up with friends. Here’s to another great month.

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