Me and Mine {March 2018}

Such a cliche but time really is whizzing by and I can’t believe we’re just about into Q2 of 2018. March has been a jam packed month, we were chatting yesterday and didn’t think we had done much, but when looking through the camera roll March was filled with snowy and sunny adventures

The most special part of the month was when we had snow not once, but twice. As the country has had spectacular snow throughout the past few years, our little part of the country has always missed out, and J hadn’t remembered seeing snow in her childhood. Her face the morning of the first snow was priceless!

Our photos naturally had to be from the snow, and we took a trip to the New Forest for the second round of it and captured this family shot. I love Lexi’s eyes following the ball!

In March:

Sherry loved..

  • Playing in the snow twice with the family
  • Visiting the Peak District with RH and walking The Roaches
  • Catching up with friends and family through the month

The hubster loved…

  • Visiting the Peak District and getting some good aerial footage
  • Playing in the New Forest in the snow
  • Hearing and seeing how well J did at her orthoptics appointment

J loved…

  • Getting her 25m swimming certificate and being told she can move into the next class
  • Throwing snowballs at everyone and picking icicles off the car
  • Going indoor rock climbing and jumping off the biggest stanchion in front of all her friends

Lexi has loved

  • Acting like a puppy in the snow

April brings weekends away for me, time off work for us all and a much needed fortnight off school for J. I think it will be another one that flies by!

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