Visiting the Welsh Mountains

For years I’ve been saying I wanted to visit the Welsh mountains and that I wanted to climb Snowdon but we’ve never managed to get me there. A combination of motherhood, Disney trips and home life meant neither visit nor climb ever quite happened, until this weekend…

This weekend we spent Easter with our good friend RH who lives an hour away from the north wales border, and I convinced her and the hubster to take us all to the mountains to see them and walk around one of the lakes

Breathtakingly beautiful are the words to describe Snowdonia, it is simply stunning. At this time of year there was green all around and snow topped mountains and I knew instantly we had made the right decision

Armed with her new walking boots, J decided that rock climbing and jumping was now her thing which made me uneasy throughout, but under everyone’s watchful eye she seemed fine in this occasion

We walked up to the base of Glyder Fawr after walking round Llyn Idwal and stopping several times to take in the scenery. From a distance we saw people climbing up the Idwal Slabs and then stood near them watching their fearlessness, before turning back and returning to the car for a family car picnic

Of course, we couldn’t leave the Welsh mountains without seeing Snowdon, and if anything it’s ignited my want to walk up this beautiful mountain. I’ve since spent the last few hours researching the best routes and equipment to take with me, and it won’t be many months or years before I do the walk that’s been on my mind

The Welsh mountains are a sight to see, and I’m glad we took the trip there yesterday

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