Me and Mine {May 2018}

In what feels like forever I finally managed to put some words together for a little post about the month that was May. This year is whizzing by faster than the rest, and it’s not because we’ve increased our adventures, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Yes we’ve had weekends away most months, but with the hubster and I starting new roles / jobs and J settling into school, there’s a whole host of life admin, longer hours, expectations and responsibilities, that when it comes to the weekends (as long as she’s not at another birthday party) we like to take a step back and be together

May has mostly followed that theme, with me cancelling a weekend away ‘up north’ to be with my little crew on the bank holiday weekend, a weekend together, a family wedding and then a family holiday at a friend’s holiday home to round the month off. As I’m writing this the hubster and J are swimming and I’m sat with a decaf coffee for the first time in a long time. It’s been a great break, and just the tonic we needed to be a family again and away from day to day hassles

Of course I couldn’t let the month of May pass by without talking about our girl’s weekend away to Center Parcs. 4 women, no children and no partners was much needed and much appreciated. We laughed, went swimming, went to the spa, talked lots and played lots of activities and came back feeling quite refreshed. I missed my little crew, but it was so nice being with the girls and there’s a small (large) piece of me that wants to continue this annual tradition

The photos this month are from our seaside holiday and a family wedding we went to. I couldn’t let the opportunity pass without capturing us all in our glad rags – I think we scrub up pretty well!

In May…

Sherry loved:

  • Spending a week off with my family
  • Booking a holiday to Devon with my cousin and her family for the summer
  • Having a girl’s weekend away

The Hubster loved:

  • Playing with his drone and capturing some great footage
  • Visiting the welsh mountains again and jumping into the fresh water pools by Snowdon
  • Spending time as a family unit on holiday

J loved:

  • Being with her family on holiday – she declared she was so happy being away with us that it’s made us think about switching off and going away more
  • Swimming…all the swimming
  • Spending a weekend with her cousin, daddy and uncle and exploring mountains while mummy was away

Lexi loved:

  • Going in bog mid month and having a great time (she stank!)

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