It’s Been a While…

The other week we had friends visiting and one of them asked me if I was still writing my blog as they liked to read it and see the pictures, and hadn’t seen anything for quite some time

I thought about it, and to be honest, it was something I’d been asking myself – did I want to continue?

Over the days that followed I spent a bit of time looking through some of my old posts and realised that I captured so many wonderful memories, outings and moments, and questioned where my blogging mojo had gone

A lot has changed in the last year; J started school, I started a new job, the hubster got a promotion, extra curricular activities got booked in, schedules got busier and time off together became less frequent…and therefore more precious

J is also getting older, and as such, I became conscious she is becoming her own person, and friends and parents are able to access my little place on the internet. I’ve made the  decision to step away from focusing solely on parenting and featuring her as much, and this is one of the key reasons I’ve been quiet in recent months – to allow me to reassess what I want to do with this little space of mine I call my blog

One of my favourite things about blogging was the inspiration to visit new places, to capture the beauty seen through my eyes in a photo and to record those memories for me and my family to look back on fondly

I’ve always told people that getting my thoughts onto ‘paper’ was the best therapy anyone could have ever prescribed me after suffering with post natal depression, and the past 18 months have been my best months in years

After struggling with the infamous work/life/parenting balance since our big life changes I knew I needed to change my way of doing this, to put less pressure on myself, to thrive on time together, but to also enjoy life outside once more and continue to keep these moments to look back on

A few weeks ago I decided to create a hashtag on Instagram, about the 3 words I would use to describe my blog and associated instagram page. I’m a full time working mum, but when I’m not at work I adore the Outdoors, time with my Family, and a Life full of adventures and memories. And so the little community of #OutdoorsFamilyLife was born

Why do I talk about this teeny little hashtag on the gigantic platform that is Instagram? Well, I’m proud that there’s a little community of people sharing the love and I adore seeing the photos everyone posts, but more importantly, it’s the direction I’m going to be heading in with my little place on the internet

This blog’s heart will always be about Family and whilst there will be less of a parenting focus, I’ll continue to record staples such as our monthly family portrait

Everyone who knows me knows I love the outdoors, I love being in nature, and I love seeing the seasons. In fact we’re fast approaching my favourite season of Autumn, and I already have a pull for wooly jumpers and hats, and to get outside and soak in everything that nature has to offer us. There will be more focus on Outdoors photography, capturing and storing those pictures etched in my mind forever on my little place on the internet

And finally, one of my favourite sayings is “Life is one big Adventure“. You can’t deny that everything we do is in some way an adventure – whether it be a recipe, an outing, a memory made whilst playing a game, or something that might seem insignificant but is in fact a big adventure for the little people in our lives – one like tonight where my daughter ‘polished’ my nails and sat there for ages while we cuddled up on the sofa. There’s adventure in every day, and that’s definitely what you’ll be seeing more of – small adventures, big adventures, but adventures nonetheless

If you’ve made it this far – I hope you  enjoy the new Life at Cooks Cabin way

It’s good to be back.

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